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Whether you’re looking for valve installation or repairs—we’ve got you covered.
Canadian Valve Solutions offers acid injection, waterflood injection, and more services. Get in touch to schedule a free consultation.

Our Offerings

Extreme wellhead services

Extreme wellhead services

We troubleshoot, maintain and service, finding the exact part needed for each set of valves.

We provide valve servicing and specialized products to maintain the valves and life span of their functioning.

We work on the engineering and chemistry side and focus on various lubricants and materials.

Valve Installation Services

Valve Installation Services

Do you need a new valve installation for your business? You can rely on Canadian Valve Solutions for all of your installation requirements. We will supply you with a high-quality valve that allows you to easily control the flow of fluids while also ensuring a smooth and safe flow of materials. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Valve Repair and Maintenance

Valve Repair and Maintenance

Maintain your equipment regularly to ensure a trouble-free operation. Contact Canadian Valve Solutions if your valves and other necessary equipment are not working correctly. We utilize the latest technology for all your repair and maintenance needs. Our team uses high-quality lubricant or sealant to ensure customers’ valves stay in good working order.

Acid Gas Injection

Acid Gas

We provide acid gas injection to the oil and gas industries to improve oil recovery and stabilize oil field pressure. This method is thought to be a more cost-effective alternative to sulphur recovery. This gas has the potential to corrode pipelines, resulting in leaks.

CO2 Injection and Pipeline Valves

CO2 Injection and
Pipeline Valves

We adopt an enhanced oil recovery method to inject CO2 into a reservoir, thus forcing the oil towards production wells. Get in touch with us to know more.

Waterflood Injection


We boost oil production by drilling injection wells into reservoirs and injecting water into them. We ensure that the water we inject has been filtered and processed. This controls the growth of any type of bacteria.