Canadian Valve Solutions Inc

A Boost to the Oil and Gas Industry

A Boost to the Oil and Gas Industry

Canadian Valve Solutions is at the forefront of the global footprint and network for valve services in the oil and gas industry. We assist customers with all operational work whenever it is required. To meet the needs of this ever-changing world, we have expanded our range of support and portfolio of valves and actuation products. We work in accordance with safety protocols to ensure that no one is harmed or injured during the process. You can rely on us, be it a valve installation, repair, or maintenance. Our technicians will go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service while utilizing cutting-edge technology.


We hold all the proper safety required credentials and in good standing with and including:

Valve Installation and Repair Have Never Been Easier!

We will not interfere with your daily operations while we serve you.

For Us, Safety Comes First.

At Canadian Valve Solutions, we strictly adhere to workplace safety practices. We believe that to provide exceptional services, we must protect both people and the environment.